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Softimage reflection guide is now live on along with a new module exploring the use of Architectural Multi-Out shader. Check it out.

Autodesk Softimage - A Guide for a Better Reflection

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Houdini Engine for Unity and Maya

Side Effects Software is proud to announce the Houdini Engine which allows for deep integration of Houdini technology into a wide variety of Digital Content Creation tools. Now both film and game studios can load Houdini Digital Assets into their go-to applications and build a more integrated procedural pipeline that does not rely on baked-out data.

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Cocos2d-x HTML5

cocos2d-x just released the Alpha version of the most anticipated HTML5 of it's popular cocos2d framework. This adds another gem in the Cocos2d family tree as the “Grand-child of Cocos2d-iPhone”. Cocos2d have arrived at the realm of the web

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Valve - The Source Filmmaker is LIVE!

Valve The Source Filmmaker is open for public. Source Filmmaker is The tool used to create Valve promotional animations.

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